Monday, February 16, 2009


Just had to share these pictures...on Tuesday the kids were kayaking in our "lake." On Thursday they were boot skating in the same place! Talk about fickle weather... These were taken Sunday.
Caleb was done playing outside at that point, hence the screamy-face.
I included this one to show you that Caleb really was enjoying himself out there (and isn't this picture just so precious?)

The Cub Scouts had their pinewood derby on Saturday. Cody won four of his heats and tied for 10th place, then lost the race-off. It was so, so close, though. Disappointing, but I'll...I mean he'll get over it. Logan also won four of his heats in the open class, but head to head Logan's car beat Cody's (which of course means that had Logan been in the Cub division, he would have finished 10th or better, which would have gotten him a big trophy. Once again, I'll get over it).
Cody's car is in lane 3, the turtle-mobile (orange and black). That's his friend Derek's car next to his in lane 4.

Cody's in the 3rd row, fourth from the right (with the blue hat on).

And a picture of Caleb getting ready for swimming season :-)

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