Monday, August 8, 2011

No weeds here

Guess what I did this weekend!  Go on...guess.  Give up? 

I landscaped around our long-awaited pond and waterfall.  You may remember me mentioning in this post that we finally put it in a few weeks ago.  Here's the before (from last summer!  Told you it was long-awaited):
And here's the after:
The waterfall isn't quite the gushing stream that we envisioned, but it's still lovely...

Long-awaited, indeed.  I've had these solar lights for 2 or 3 years now, waiting on this project.  I was so tickled to see them light up for the first time on Friday night. 


I planted black-eyed susans (one of my favorite flowers), lavender, and 2 shades of blanket flower, leaving plenty of room for spring bulbs to be planted this fall.

Ta da!  What a lovely sight, welcoming visitors to our home...that is, if anyone would ever come visit us...
For my next trick: I will attempt to tame this jungly mess on the other side of the path leading up to our front door...wish me luck!

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