Friday, April 19, 2013

Southwestern Chicken Wraps

I made these southwestern chicken wraps for supper the other day and they were sooo good!  Oh my good gracious they were delicious.  And so easy.  And totally customizable--you could very easily make these vegetarian or vegan, or even just have the the ingredients laid out separately so folks can customize their own.  It was also the perfect recipe for eating in shifts--Hubby, Bubby and AKD ate while MC and I were at karate, and then we ate while they were at Boy Scouts.

Click the picture for the recipe.

MC even ate his with the black beans, green onions and green pepper in it.  That's amazing, let me tell you.

Just a few notes: Hubby and I did use the sour cream, and it was so yummy and creamy.  I also had part of one without sour cream and while it was still delicious, it wasn't quite as snarf-worthy.  We also used whole wheat tortillas, which was amazing.  I imagine if one used home made whole wheat tortillas, these would be divine.


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