Friday, January 17, 2014

13 {Friend-ly} Valentines

I am so annoyed by Valentine's Day.  {It's in 4 weeks, doncha know?}  Well, not by Valentine's Day itself, but by the way schools celebrate Valentine's Day. I'm all for increasing love in the world, but I'm tired of seeing grade school kids handing out things that say, "be mine" or "you rock my world" or "blowing you a kiss" or "you make my heart flutter", or "you make my heart bounce" or glow, or pop, or sing or even just "be my Valentine."  Really?  Do you really want your 2nd grader asking every. single. boyandgirl in her class to be her Valentine?

Ugh.  I know no one really reads those things--they just rip off the candy and maybe the card makes it to the trash, but still.  Think about the message you want to send.  Just in case someone is reading.

And don't even get me started on the candy.  The CANDY!  When did this day become all about the candy?

But you don't want to hear about that--you came for the homemade valentines, right?  The ones that talk about friendship instead of love.  The ones that don't necessarily involve candy (although there were a few I just couldn't resist).  So...without further ado, 13 {Friend-ly} Homemade Valentines (just click on {source} under the pictures to find the directions):

Homemade Valentines for Kids Car Painting
Megan at Coffee Cups and Crayons shows how to make this cute car-painted card.  You (or your child) could also write, "I'll never tire of your friendship."

And along the same lines, Mique at 30 Handmade Days offers up this free printable--for those who prefer valentines without the mess.


This cutie frog comes from Kelly at Little Wonders' Days.  It's not a printable but she does tell you where to get this adorable frog clipart

Owl friend
This is a Pinterest find--not sure who gets to original credit, but isn't this owl cute?  You could also write "Owl always be your friend." 


 I love this celestial Valentine card from Jessica at Zakka Life.  Feel free to change "Valentine" to "friend."  And add a comma.  Or leave it off entirely.

Pencils are the star in this free printable from Pauline at Club Chica Circle.

Gettin' By shows how to recycle crayons to craft these colorful Valentines.

Leanne at This Magical Journey crafted up this fun Valentine using a parachute guy.

I love the glow stick light sabers on these Star Wars inspired Valentines!  Free printable from Lisa at the Purple Patch.

Mustache Valentine Cards
Y'all know I have a soft spot in my heart for mustaches.  That's why I had to include this free printable from Jenny of Plum Adorable, even though it involves candy.  She suggested, if you really want to get fancy, you can cut out the mustache and attach it to the sucker stick to make a fun mustache prop.

How cute is this super sucker printable from Jessica at Zakka Life?

Danyelle of Dandee Designs offers up this free printable.  Thread a friendship bracelet, or even a rainbow loom creation, through.

And finally, my Valentine greeting to you, my friends (from Real Simple):

Homemade Valentine card with heart maze

You are, you know.  Amazing.  Thanks for reading.
Happy Friend-ly Valentining!

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