Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Complaining About Winter

This winter has been extraordinary, that's for sure.  There has been record breaking cold and snow fall in much of the country. 

It has been so cold in our area that it has become totally passé to throw boiling water into the air to be vaporized or blow bubbles that freeze instantly, because we have had so many opportunities in the past 2 months. 

It has been so cold in our area that when the temperature reaches 0 F (with no wind chill), people start using words like "balmy" and "warm". 

It has been so cold in our area that when the temperature reaches 15 F, people are saying things like, "it's so nice out today."  And when the temperature reaches 40, like it did yesterday, we're putting aside our coats and getting out the shorts and swim suits.  Seriously.  I saw people in shorts and T-shirts yesterday.

It's no wonder that pretty much everyone I know is complaining about winter this year.

But I'm not, and I'll tell you why.

I love snow.  I really, really do.  Sledding, skiing, snowshoeing, making snowmen, shoveling...all of these things I love to do require snow.  And it's pretty.  I can't imagine living in an area that just gets dingy and brown in the winter--that fresh sparkly cold stuff really spruces up the place, ya know?

And I don't mind the cold.  I really don't.  It's all about dressing for the weather--if you have the right equipment, you can be out in any cold and still be comfortable.  I do not say this idly, my friends.  We have had daily high temperatures in the negative 15 degree F range, along with 40 to 50 degrees below zero wind chills.  We've had over 40 days this winter when the temperature has been below 0 F.  Not below freezing, below 0.  It's cold.  And I don't mind.

But here's the real reason I am not now, nor will I ever, complain about winter:

I am reserving my right to complain about summer.

That's right.  You heard me.  I would soooo much rather be cold than hot, and I will complain up and down and sideways, all day long, when those hot, humid days hit, but I feel it would be somewhat disingenuous to complain about summer and winter.  So I choose summer.

In the meantime, I am loving this winter. 

But if you're not, take heart, my friends.  Spring is coming.  It always does.

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