Friday, May 5, 2017

Coop Update

Hey everybody.  Chicks will be here in 5 days!  Here's what the coop looks like now.  On Friday and Saturday I spent many hours precariously perched on the hen house floor, and then a ladder, while staining the frame...and my hair.  I do like the color, though, especially in contrast to those two bright blue posts.

The one day Hubby was able to work on it last week, we framed in the nest box and wall.  I think the plan is to get the roof on this weekend, and get as far as we can in framing the other walls.  At the moment, there's no rain in the forecast, so hopefully we'll be able to get a good chunk of work done.

One of the remaining walls will have the chicken door and the other will have the people door, so we've got a bit of planning to do for those.

I'm hoping to get the brooder set up later today.  My success depends on me remembering to buy Glad press-n-seal when I'm picking up some other things in town.  Yes, press-n-seal.  You'll see why.  Maybe Tuesday.

In the meantime, AKD's got a little project going on, too.  OK, a not-so-little project: he's building a play fort at our local state park.

Isn't this a great picture?  The boys got the posts in and the bottom framing done last weekend.  I think the upper framing is going on this weekend.

And in other news, our apple trees have buds on them.  Aren't they lovely?  We're hoping for a good harvest this year--we're almost out of applesauce!

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