Friday, June 14, 2019

I made a sugar scrub

I finally gave up on the idealized version of myself making the Strawberry Cobb Salad that showed up in my menu plan for three weeks in a row.  That recipe is just too involved (oh. my. goodness.  It is not that complicated) to make when we don't have any guests to impress.  This decision, to give up on making the salad, left me with a lime to use up.

For years, I have been intending to make a sugar scrub.  It was in the running for my 18 for 2018 list, and actually made it to my expanded 19 for 2019 list.  So of course, when I suddenly had a lime to use up (ok, not all that sudden--it was three weeks in coming), my thoughts went immediately to DIY Coconut Lime Sugar Scrub.  All you do is mix coconut oil, sugar, and lime zest.

I'm going to admit right up front that I'm still not quite sure how one is supposed to use a sugar scrub.  But it smells amazing, and tastes even better, so if nothing else, I can have a little snack if I get hungry in the shower.  Or scrub the dry skin on my elbows.  Either, or.

Anyway, it was super easy to make and I feel all fancy even having sugar scrub.

Of course, the sugar scrub only used the zest of my lime, so I still had the juice and pulp, and I ended up making the Strawberry Cobb Salad balsamic dressing, too.  It is a really delicious dressing (and sugar-free).  Yay!

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