Monday, June 10, 2019

(mostly) Empty Garden Tour

Hi friends.  No menu plan today, but I do have an empty garden tour for you.  Have you noticed YouTubers and Bloggers doing empty home tours?  And then have you noticed some YouTubers and Bloggers doing weekly garden tours?  I thought I'd combine the two.  Because my garden is mostly empty.  And why not?  And also, I don't have a menu plan.

 Here are the eggs that were in the nest box when I went out to photograph.  I think that middle one is from Indigo, which is great news.  After she was sick, she went 21 days without laying, then another 9 before laying this one.  It's an improving trend.

 Here's the sunflowers by the chicken coop (one of my 9 for 2019 goals).  And part of my finger.  It was bright out, and I couldn't see.  I also planted some sugar snap peas here, and three of them came up.

 On the right, we have Blauhilde beans (a purple pole bean from Baker Creek), and on the left we have sugar snap peas and a random green pole bean that I'm supposed to grow and give to a food bank.  I planted around 25 sugar snap pea seeds from 2 or 3 years ago, and 9 of them came up (and one of those plants has since died).  I filled in the blanks with new seeds, so hopefully we'll get a good amount of sugar snap peas this year.

 On the right, we have sugar snap peas and Asparagus bean, so named because the pods are long and skinny--the package says they're best picked when less than 18 inches long.  Eighteen inches!  And on the left it's Kentucky Wonder pole beans.

You may have noticed that I planted a lot of beans.  Or maybe not, since nothing's happening with them yet.  I'm crossing my fingers that they'll produce well and I'll be able to can some this year.  Planting a green bean tee pee was on my list of 19 goals for 2019--it's not a tee pee, but it is green pole beans, so I'm calling that one accomplished.

 Ah, and here we have actual food growing instead of just empty dirt--hooray for perennials in the garden!  We have lots of flowers and lots of set fruit on our strawberry plants.  I need to get our bird and rodent deterrent systems up and running soon (I've been seeing a rabbit in the garden almost every time I go out there--it squeezes through the 2x4" rectangles of the fence!)

 Here we have radishes.  I think they're supposed to be done by now--I planted them near the beginning of May--but they're not.

 Here's the zucchini.  I planted a couple of seeds leftover from a 3-4 year old packet, along with a couple of Black Beauty seeds.

 Here's the patty pan squash from Baker Creek.  The variety is Gelber Englischer Custard.  I am really looking forward to seeing these grow.

 And here is where I'm planting 4 Better Boy tomatoes, one Grape tomato, and a sweet mini-pepper plant.  I've given up on getting enough tomatoes to make canning worthwhile--now I'm just hoping for enough for salsa and BLTs.  I'm also going to be planting marigolds in this bed (but I need to do that when it's less hot out).

And here is where the watermelon goes.  Hope springs eternal!  Maybe this is the year we actually get to eat watermelon from our own garden.  There will be some zinnias in this region, too, and maybe more radishes once all the peas and beans grow up to shade them.

What are you growing this year?

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