Monday, December 15, 2008

Personalized: the saga continues

So remember when I said, "I'm not sure how they could mess that [a blank something for me to personally personalize] up?" Well, they managed to mess it up. Now I have 4 (or maybe it's 5--I've lost count) personalized somethings all misspelled in the same way. I haven't called yet this time, because I'm a little afraid of what I might do or say on the phone, like burst into tears or start screaming at the poor customer service person who has the misfortune to answer my call. I also am not quite sure what I want them to do to make this up to me. I really, really don't want 5 (or 6) of these things. I just want one. Actually, I don't even want one--I want someone else to have one.

The thing is, because of the way it's written, the incorrect letter can easily be changed to the correct letter, especially on two of the somethings. Part of me says, "let it go. Just change it on one of those and give that to the person." The other part of me says, "no, I ordered a personalized something. I spelled it right. They are obligated to give me what I ordered."

It's funny, yesterday, Logan asked me if he could put the latest something on our Christmas tree. I said, "sure, why not?" You see, all of our Christmas ornaments are keepsakes, meaning that they remind us of something or someone. And whenever we put this misspelled personalized something on our Christmas tree, we will definitely remember this story, which, even though I'm in the throes of it, I've got to admit is at least slightly funny. I can envision, if I keep pursuing this, finally getting the correct one next Christmas...

Stay tuned...

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