Wednesday, July 1, 2009

It's not easy...

...being green, although Victoria pulls it off nicely, regally, even.Overnight, my friend Victoria has gone into her pupal stage. Hubby commented this morning that he wished we'd had a video camera, or at least time-lapse photography, on her so we could see how she did it. Amazing. According to my research, this phase will last around 2 weeks.

And continuing in the good/amazing news category, Bubby went pee in the potty this morning! I think he was as surprised as I was.

And it's Tracy's birthday on Friday. Tracy is so well-loved and respected that the entire country celebrates--I think they wrote the day down wrong on their calendars, though, because their parties are usually a day off. Happy Birthday, Tracy!

. . . . . . . . . . .

So I was mopping the floor late last night (a rare occurrence, let me assure you), and thinking about love languages, how mine is (mostly) acts of service (that's right, Hubby, I mopped the floor last night because I love you, and by the way, thank you for being such a loving husband and father and working so hard to support us), and I started thinking, wondering what God's love language is--that is, how God prefers to receive love and how God shows love to others. I know that there's a book about the 5 love languages of God, but I haven't read it. And I thought, is it acts of service? gifts? quality time? words of affirmation? physical touch? And I came to realize that God expresses love in all of these ways: God speaks all of the love languages. God is love. The more important question is, how do we express our love to God? I do think that any of these ways is valid, and accepted by God, but just as with our spouse, or other loved ones, whatever their love language is, we need to speak it intentionally to them, and we need to speak our love to God as well. How will you tell or show God that you love him today?

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