Friday, April 2, 2010

Warning: Cute Kid Story Ahead

So Hubby called tonight. He was driving on a windy road, came to a place called "Lover's Leap," and decided to call me. I, of course, told him not to jump! But anyway, while we were talking, Bubby slipped out the sliding glass door to our deck (note to self: get a child-proof lock for the sliding glass door). I didn't even notice him leaving until I heard the outdoor faucet turning on. I looked out, and there he was, outside, wearing Logo's shoes, spraying water at our gas grill (no, it wasn't on). It was just so funny seeing my little 'un wearing these 6 sizes too large shoes. What a cutie-pie.

In other news, Code-man called Sawblock to ask permission to build a ramp/ladder in one of our oak trees. SB said yes, and just look what happened!Just in case you can't tell, Code-man and Logo climbed really, really high.

And Hubby--here's where I put the swing, for now...

That was in sunnier times... (uh, yesterday)

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