Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Last one!

Well, now we're caught up to about half-way through April...sorry about clogging your inboxes...but weren't you excited when you saw you had 10 new email messages?  Happy Easter!


  1. CHEATER! I was all set to win July (not that it is a competition). And now you posted 10 in one day.

  2. Ha ha, I win! I wasn't going to gloat until my victory was assured--after all, there are a few more days left...but since you've admitted defeat...

  3. I am not admitting anything. But, it is not looking good.

    You win all the time, so gloating is sort of like the high-school varsity team bragging because they beat the Freshmen.

    If I (the Freshmen) were to beat you (the Varsity) .. now that would be something to gloat about.


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