Thursday, April 14, 2011

Logo's Level 8 Birthday Challenge

My middle baby is 8 years old!  How did this happen? 

For his 8th birthday Logo (aka MC, aka KK), decided he wanted to throw a Minute to Win It sleepover party.
The Invitation:
The exclamation points are MC's addition--I would never use that many exclamation points for a single sentence.
I didn't know how many of the boys would be ready to spend the night at a friend's house, so we made the sleepover portion of the festivities optional.  Stay tuned for the reason that this was a really, really good decision.
The pizza:
That's Hay-man, Wild Thing, Thing 2, Carter, MC, Bri-Guy, Hubby, and Bubby
Wow, were those boys loud!

The cake:
Not my best effort, but at least it fit the theme (that's a stop-watch, just in case you couldn't tell)
Those boys were especially loud during the singing of the birthday song.  I honestly didn't know that 7 boys could make that much noise (and believe me, I've heard some noise--this was...exceptional).
The payoff:
Just look at that expression.  Logo was, quite simply, thrilled to be the object of so much love and attention.  His smile made all of the planning, all of the preparations, all of the kid wrangling, worth it.

Y'all are going to think our household is obsessed with reality/game shows.  But seriously, if you have never watched Minute to Win It (at 7 p.m. Wednesdays on NBC), you're really missing out.  Contestants compete in challenges of increasing difficulty using common household items or office supplies.  The catch?  Each challenge must be completed in just one minute.  It's terribly exciting to watch, and almost impossible to resist trying the challenges yourself, once you've seen them.  Before you know it, you'll be throwing a Minute to Win It party of your own.

Up next, the games...

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