Saturday, September 10, 2011

'Tis the season!

Soccer season, that is!  AKD is purple, MC is yellow, and the designated fan is...
...pretty cute, as you can see.  I think he'll be old enough to play next fall, if he chooses.

It's going to be an interesting season for the purple team.  AKD's age level has 4 teams, but each team only had 5 to 7 players show up (they play 7 v 7 plus a goalie), and one of the teams didn't have a coach, so they ended up playing a combined purple and red against maroon and green.  Not sure what's going to happen with that in coming weeks...

MC's yellow team had 11 players show up (they play 5 v 5 plus a goalie), plus a bunch of others who kept coming over to our coach to ask if they were on the yellow team because none of the other coaches had shirts on identifying them as such (and actually, the team we played against didn't have a coach, oh, and our coach was double-booked, so he ended up leaving).  MC played really well, especially compared to the last time he played formally.  He had a couple of good break-aways and was controlling the ball well.

I miss the mobile hot spot, I really do.  I think we're going to have to take the plunge soon...if only it wasn't so darn expensive...

So, we've got a full week of school in (sort of).  MC's had homework every day this week (even Friday), and AKD has yet to actually do anything...that seems a little backwards to me, although, MC's getting to be one of the older kids in his school and AKD is one of the youngest in his, so maybe it makes sense.  Anyway, every single day AKD has come home from school needing something else, more school supplies.  Really?  Couldn't they get it together to put it on the school supply list?  And even if they couldn't get it together to get it on the list (which was sent out in July, so maybe they missed the deadline or something), couldn't they at least all tell him on the first day what additional supplies he will need?  Humph.

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