Tuesday, November 8, 2011

whoo, whoo!

Whooo, whooo, whooo's ready for some owl crafting fun? Well, I sure am. It's all about owls at our house this week.
Last week, we made these adorable pine cone owls.  Because when you are blessed to have as many pine cones as we do, you can't help but to want to craft with them.  The wings are pheasant feathers (from the craft store, not from the pheasants that we sometimes see around our property), the beaks are craft foam, and the eyes are...well, googly eyes.  These are so much fun to play with--a real "hoot" (haha!)--the owls have already spent hours swooping around our house attempting to eat spiders, both real and imagined.  If you don't have any pine cones, you can make an owl play set out of toilet paper tubes, like we did last year (instructions from Frugal Family Fun Blog).

This morning we read this sweet book by Tim Hopgood: Wow! Said the Owl

Little Owl knows that he is supposed to sleep during the day and be awake at night, but he's curious, so one day he takes a long nap and wakes up just before dawn.  The little owl is amazed at all the wonderful colors he discovers during the day.  I love the emphasis the author places on the beauty of the world, pointing out all the different colors in nature.  In the end, the owl realizes that "the nighttime stars are the most beautiful of all."

Inspired by the book, we made Shape Owls as featured on www.dltk-kids.com (instructions and template can be found here).
I had the kids assemble their owls on the darkest blue paper I could find (not very dark, is it? oh well), and I showed them how to make 6-pointed stars by drawing an X and then drawing one more line horizontally through the center.  As you can see from the above picture, Bubby chose to add a "moon" behind his owl :)  We also added twigs for our owls to sit on.
On Thursday, we'll be making paper bag owl puppets, also from www.dltk-kids.com (instructions and template can be found here).
The way the pieces are stacked, this pile of paper looks like a bird already :)

How about you?  Ready to get your owl on?

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  1. Yes, I thought that last picture was of a bird, before I read the description - very neat! Your shape owls turned out very cute too. I like the stripey middles :)

  2. I love the colorful shape owl. The pinecone owls looks fun to make and to play with. Great ideas.


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