Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My project

{Photo Credit}
Ever since I saw this wreath hanging up on my brother's home, I knew I had to have one like it.  His is one of a kind, made by an artist and donated to an auction that my brother attended.  I thought it was beautiful, and when I found out that I couldn't buy one just like it, I instructed my brother to take several close-up pictures for me so I could try to duplicate it (by the way, still waiting...)

Last year, I bought a 36" artificial wreath, along with this beautiful garland, on clearance, for $3 total (what a steal!)
 When the craft stores started rolling out their Christmas merchandise this year, I bought a few more things, but I wasn't quite sure how to put it all together.  And so, my undecorated wreath, plus the stuff, spent a couple of weeks on the floor in a corner of my bedroom, getting in the way.  Hubby, bless him, didn't complain least, not to me--what a great husband :)
 I don't know what got in to me the other morning, but I finally overcame my lethargy and general malaise with regard to Christmas decorating, and had the kids help me get out the rest of our Christmas stuff.  While I was taking one last look around in our storage area, making sure we had everything, I spotted one more thing:
They were green, with gold, glittery accents, and there were 3 of them!  Perfect for my wreath, and just what I needed to get motivated to finally start.

My wreath had to have lights, so first I tore apart an old lighted star that we weren't using any more, and wrapped the lights from it around my wreath.  The ribbon came next.
 And then, I just started gluing, and here's what happened:
I love it!  I was thinking all that stuff might be too much, but then I remembered my tendency toward under-doing these kinds of things, and the fact that it'll be hanging up on our garage, so the only people getting a close look at it will be people who bring a ladder with them, so more is probably better in this case.
I added a bow, then texted Hubby to warn him that he had a job to do that night :)



  1. You never asked your brother for close-up pictures.

    You asked your brother to ask his wife's husband to take some pictures. I'm sure you think that is the same as asking him to give you the pictures. Trust me, though, it isn't.

    Besides, why would you want to copy that wreath?

    Why would you not want to make your own original?


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