Monday, May 21, 2012

A few follow-ups

Just look what happened--look what that boy did to my nice clean window:
Argh!  See?  I told you.  Washing windows is so not worth it, at least not in this house.

We have baby caterpillars.  Well, at least one, anyway--I haven't gotten outside yet today to check.  Yesterday I saw the smallest monarch caterpillar I have ever seen.  Smaller, even, than Tiny (who had been the smallest caterpillar we had ever seen up until yesterday--he's on the right in the first picture in this post).  This little guy was about 1/2 millimeter long, and he was less than 8 hours old (because I checked in the morning and he wasn't there, checked again in the afternoon and there he was!)

The monarch eggs are not the only eggs that are disappearing.  Yesterday after Roger and I showed the itty bitty caterpillar to Hubby, we decided to show him the bird eggs.  He climbed up on the ladder, craned his neck to look inside, and said, "three eggs."  What?!  Only three?  What happened to the other one?  Or were we hallucinating before?  I climbed the ladder as well, and sure enough, only 3 grape-sized eggs were in the nest.  Hubby hypothesized that a squirrel took it.

I forgot to show you one of our buggy foods!  And this one is so easy--you can do it tonight.  As I mentioned in this post, you can represent the butterfly lifecycle using pasta.  I was making spaghetti one day last week, and just happened to have 1/4 box of rotini and 1/4 box of farfalle (bowtie pasta), so I cooked 'em up, and served the kids caterpillars and butterflies with marinara for supper :)

And, last, but not least, I wanted to remind y'all that the FREE $2 MP3 credit from amazon is still available, until May 24 (that's Thursday, if you, like me, have no idea what the date is).  Just click the link, enter your favorite song, and share on Facebook.  The credit will be automatically applied to your account (and no, you don't have to buy the song you said was your favorite).  If you take advantage of this offer, click here to leave a comment on the original post, telling me what you got :)

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