Saturday, May 19, 2012

(lady) Buggy Snacks

I am having waaaaay too much fun with buggy snacks these days.  You saw my a few of my caterpillars the other day.  Well, on Thursday I made ladybugs.  It's the kids' fault, really.  Well, let me just show you.  First I made these:
 Aren't they the cutest?  Just a half grape for the head and a strawberry for the body, with mini chocolate chip spots stuck into the berry.  I cut a line down the length of the strawberry to define the wings.  So yummy!
I made these as kind of an appetizer for lunch.  And they were delicious.  Strawberries and grapes?  I'm there.  Add chocolate to it?  Over the top.

The kids liked their ladybugs, too.  They liked them so much, in fact, that they requested ladybug sandwiches to go along with them.  What?  That was not part of the plan.

I'm not one to shrink away from a challenge, however (at least not a bug-shaped-food challenge), so I put my thinking cap on, broke out the bread, made these:
That's a peanut butter sandwich (but really, you could use any filling...although I'm not sure how ham, for example, would taste with the chocolate chips, which means if you use a more savory filling, you might want to sub black olives or something for the spots), cut with a circle cookie cutter.  I used one of the leftover corners for the head, and frosted it with some leftover chocolate frosting.  I added a black decorator frosting line to define the wings, and chocolate chip spots.

So there ya have it--a couple of buggy snacks. 

I'm not exactly sure how I'm going to make mosquito-shaped food for next week, but I'm working on it!

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