Thursday, September 13, 2012

Single serve chocolate chip cookie

We interrupt today's regularly scheduled post (yes, I really did have a post all written and scheduled to post today--you'll just have to come back next Thursday to see what it is) to bring you this:

Chocolate Chip Cookie in a Cup
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Have I mentioned that I love Pinterest?

There is nothing to eat in our house.  OK, that's not true, there's just nothing to eat in our house that incorporates chocolate in a satisfying way.  The fact that I've been avoiding grocery shopping like the plague this week is possibly a contributing factor in our pantry's current inadequacy.

It was 10:39 p.m. and I was rummaging through the cupboards (even though I knew there wasn't anything there) praying for something to satisfy my need for chocolate.  I was even considering getting in the car and driving 6 miles to get something, preferably a cookie.  Specifically an oreo cookie.  Mama loves her some oreo cookies.

But I couldn't.  I was parenting solo, and I'm pretty sure it's considered irresponsible to leave your three sleeping children alone in the house at night.  Even if it is for such lofty purposes as cookie procurement. 

Once again, Pinterest to the rescue! 

I remembered seeing these cookies in a cup--a single serve mug of ooey chocolatey goodness--popping up in my feed from time to time.  So with just a quick search, I was on my way to my chocolate fix in mere minutes. 

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart (and my coffee mug), for sharing this recipe, Melissa @ no. 2 pencil.

In just a minute or two, my empty mug magically transformed into a vessel containing bliss in the form of a single-serve warm chocolate chip cookie-cake.  Mmmm.

And ice cream.  Oh yes, I went there.

In addition to this chocolate chip cookie in a cup recipe, Melissa's got recipes posted for peanut butter, sugar, nutella, and red velvet cookies, all baked in the microwave, in a cup.  Check it out!

Now...I wonder when she's going to develop an Oreo cookie in a cup...


  1. This? Is dangerous...and for breakfast this morning!

  2. Liz, you are so right: this knowledge *is* dangerous! We must vow to use it only for good...


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