Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A case of mistaken identity

Batman is back.  And his pants are too long.  Either that or his legs are some sort of crazy double-jointed.  Which wouldn't surprise me because Batman, well, is a bat.  And he brought a shrunken skeleton with him.  The skeleton keeps calling me mama for some reason.

They went into my bathroom.  I'm not sure why, as the only "criminals" in there are the dust bunnies, but I didn't dare point that out to them, since, well, you know, they're kind of fierce.  And Batman saw my girly goodies sitting out (oops.  Forgot to put 'em away last month) and said, "what are these?"  I guess Batman's mom keeps her goodies out of sight more consistently than I.  The shrunken skeleton said, "they're diapers."

Uh, OK...  I made a split second decision not to correct them.  I'm quick like that, thinking on my feet and all.

How about you?  Seen any super heroes or other strange creatures running around lately? 

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