Monday, February 4, 2013

Snow Much Fun: 9 Simply Splendid Snowman Crafts

OK y'all, Chip said she wanted more craft ideas, and I've got snowmen on my mind, so here ya go!  Here are 9 simply splendid snowman crafts:

First up, this adorable snowman doorhanger (or ornament) inspired by The Happy Home Fairy (click for instructions).
A few notes--we used paint dots for the eyes instead of googly eyes and fleece instead of craft foam for the nose--just use whatever orange material you happen to have, even paint would work.  Oh, and you certainly don't need a hot glue gun: you can use regular craft or school glue--it'll just take longer to dry.

Car got a little crazy with the black paint and painted more than she intended, but I think it turned out super cute--in fact, I liked hers (the one on the left) better than Roger's.

Next, we have this sweet torn paper snowman.
Just trace a bowl on to a dark background paper (or draw a circle freehand), and use a foam paint brush to spread glue inside the circle.  Press torn white paper pieces to the glue and add some black paper eyes, a mouth, and an orange paper carrot nose.  So easy and cute, and all that paper tearing is terrific for developing fine motor skills (not to mention this is a perfect way to put to use the fruits of your paper-tearing toddler's obsession).

These 2x4 snowmen were one of my all time favorite projects.
Click here for instructions.
Isn't this snowglobe snowman cute?
Visit No Time for Flashcards to learn how to make your own.

I love repurposing trash to make crafts--what could be better than free craft supplies?  Use bottlecaps to make this snowman ornament, or turn it into a magnet.
Visit She Who Makes for instructions.

Oh my goodness!  When I learned that this cutie was made out of shaving cream (remember how much fun we had with the shaving cream?) I knew I just had to try it.  Unfortunately, Roger made one at preschool and now he doesn't want to make one with me!

Learn how to make this Puffy Snowman over at Oopsey Daisy.

I'm a sucker for TP roll crafts--again: free craft supplies.

Crafts by Amanda shows you how to turn a lowly TP tube into a snowman (I love the trees, too!)

Use cotton balls and some odds and ends to build a snowman while reading There Was a Cold Lady Who Swallowed Some Snow.
Instructions here.
And finally, I just love these glowing snowmen made out of milk jugs!  What a great way to add some light to your porch when it's past the socially acceptable season for Christmas lights (I personally think we should all leave our Christmas lights up and lit at least through the spring equinox--but most people don't agree).
Check out the instructions at Stuff by Ash.

...Aaaand...a bonus--not really a craft, but a fun family activity involving snowmen.  Why not put together an Snowman Kit (Just Add Snow)?  Place a hat, scarf, some buttons or pom poms, rocks, and a (fake) carrot nose in a cute box or drawstring bag.
This would make an awesome gift for Christmas or a winter birthday, or you could hide it away for a snow day.  Visit Something To Do for an example of what to include.

That's it my friends!  Have fun snowman making (with or without actual snow!)

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