Thursday, February 10, 2011

Why we're here

Last night one of the anchors on the news program I was watching interviewed two women who made a short film about why people live in the upper midwest.  Apparently, people who don't live here believe that the climate is extreme, and can't imagine why anyone would actually choose to live here.  Really, people, it's not that bad--just dress for the weather and you'll be fine, or as the weather person on that station says, "embrace the forecast."  I, personally, cannot imagine why anyone would choose to live somewhere hot and humid--yuck!  And you know, nobody appreciates the change of seasons more than upper midwesterners.

This put me in mind of a friend of mine from college, Squirrel.  We went to school in the upper peninsula of Michigan, where the average annual snowfall is 200 inches, but it doesn't really get very cold.  He used to walk to class wearing hiking boots, jeans, and a flannel with the sleeves rolled up to just below his elbows.  No coat; no gloves.  I think he might have occasionally worn a hat.  I know this because he would walk me home when I had evening classes.  I used to ask him how he could do that: wasn't he cold (me, who wore a sweatshirt plus a windbreaker for my winter gear), and he would just give me this funny look. 

Now, I understand.  Lately I've been running around in a short sleeved T-shirt and a sweater.  Yes, even this morning when the temperature gauge in the 'Burban read -15.  It's really not that cold, especially if you're going from heated building to heated vehicle or back to heated building, and it's so much nicer to not have to deal with a heavy winter coat when I'm inside buildings.  I guess it's all what you're used to.

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