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And by "soon" I mean sometime in the next decade...this is taking a while...

So I realized my "About Me" page doesn't really tell a whole lot about me.  Well, it does, but not the every day details of my life, which is what most people are looking for in an About Me.  So, to remedy the situation, for your reading pleasure, meet the family:

Scarlet, aka Mama

I am a stay at home mom to 3 boys. I spend my time thinking up ways to avoid doing housework...I mean I spend my time managing our household and nurturing our boys. And, might I add, I am so thankful that we have boys instead of girls! (nothing against girls, mind you, after all, I am one). I wonder, sometimes, what I will do in a little over a year when my youngest goes off to school full-time, but in the meantime, a mommy is what I have always wanted to be and this is where I need to be in this season of life.

You already know I love to blog--it's definitely my favorite chore-avoidance technique.  I also love to read and be outside.  In fact, no matter the weather outside, whether it is 20* below 0, or raining cats and dogs, or warm and sunny, my day is always better if I get outside, even for a little bit.  I love to make things, whether it's homemade bread, a craft with the kids, a blog post, a garden, or a piece of art for our home, and in a sense, my children are my greatest creation. 

Sawblock, aka Hubby

My husband works very hard, as an engineering consultant, to support our family.  His degree is in chemical engineering, and he works mostly as a project manager.  He has the strongest work ethic of anyone I've ever met (and it's annoying sometimes, when I want him to come home and play with us and he decides he needs to finish up whatever project he's working on).  Hubby travels a lot for work, which often makes me feel like a single mom.  Except usually real single moms get a break every now and then when their ex has the kids. 

Hubby loves people-powered sports, like hiking, biking, canoeing, and especially right now, kayaking.

Awesome Kayaker Dude

AKD is my oldest son, in 7th grade. He's amazing, such a nice kid. Let me tell you a story to illustrate. When I was pregnant with my second child, I had horrible morning all-day sickness. I was nauseous all the time (seriously) and throwing up about 6 times a day. As I would bend over the bowl to vomit again, little 2 year old AKD would gently pat my back and tell me I would be OK. He is still that loving and compassionate, even though he's just a year away from his teens.

AKD is a problem solver, always thinking up solutions and plans. I like to think he's like me that way.  AKD, as his name implies, loves to kayak.  He also loves mountain biking, camping, climbing trees, swimming.  My oldest son plans to become SCUBA certified as soon as possible, and intends to become a marine bio-archeologist.
MC, or the Karate Kid

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