Cracking the Code

It may have been mentioned once or twice that it's a little difficult to keep all of the nicknames I use on my blog straight.  So, in the interests of public service, here's a list of the nicknames I use most frequently.  In alphabetical order, even.  If it's not on the list, it probably doesn't matter...

My Family
AKD = Awesome Kayaker Dude = my oldest son (16)
MC = KK = my middle son (13)
Roger = Bubby = my youngest son (8)
Sawblock = Hubby = my husband
Scarlet = me

Extended Family
Scarlet's side (The Sheppys):
Buckwheat = one of my favorite sisters in law, my brother's wife
Con-Man = my nephew, son of Buckwheat and ESheppy
ESheppy = my brother
GrandMary = my mom
Shepgdad = my dad
Ty-Guy = my oldest nephew, son of Buckwheat and ESheppy

Sawblock's side (The Bluefields):
Bbil = my favorite brother in law, my husband's sister's husband
Beaver-ly = my favorite mother in law
BL = my youngest nephew, son of Bbil and Chip
Chip = my other favorite sister in law, my husband's sister
Grandpa Blue = my favorite father in law
Ua = my nephew, son of Bbil and Chip

Other people:
Car = the little girl I sometimes babysit
Pal = the little girl I babysit twice a week during the school year
J = Car's mom

Camp Scarlet = Pal and Car are playing with us

There.  Are you happy now?
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