Monday, July 18, 2016

25,000 Mornings: A Review

We humans are given 25,000 mornings on earth, more or less, and author Faye Rowe believes we should start them with God.  I happen to agree, so I was eager to read her devotional, 25,000 Mornings.*

The book contains 140 short devotions, arranged in 11 categories, such as "On Being Yourself and Living With People," and "On Getting it Right."  Each devotion consists of a short story or anecdote, which often quotes scripture, along with a short Bible passage at the end.

I really wanted to like this book--unfortunately, I didn't.  I did like the organization of the book into categories.  Each category page listed the title of the category, along with a short, one or two sentence explanation.  The categories would make it easy to find encouragement for specific situations.  But the stories and anecdotes did not resonate with me, and I found myself reading about the same stories multiple times.  The scripture references were mostly from the New King James version of the Bible, which I find somewhat difficult to read.  What bothered me the most is that the short Bible passages rarely seemed to have anything to do with the devotional I had just read.

Bottom line: Loved the concept, did not love the execution.

* I reviewed the electronic edition.

I received this book for free from the publisher through Book Look Bloggers in exchange for my honest review.

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