Tuesday, April 3, 2012

An empty tomb

So I am loving all of the Easter crafts and activities I'm finding on Catholic Icing--you should check it out.  I was looking for an empty tomb craft, and this one struck my fancy. 

To make your own, visit Catholic Icing to download the free printables.  You can download them in black and white, or if you subscribe to the site, you'll be able to download a set that the author has beautifully decorated with water colors.  I figured my kiddos would have enough to do what with all the cutting and gluing, so I opted for the colored version.  I think it was the right choice.

 The tomb is made from an empty kleenex box (thank goodness Pal's mom works at a school, and therefore has access to a seemingly unlimited supply of empty kleenex boxes :)  The stone is attached with a brad so you can roll it away, and I love how Lacy included empty linens to place in the tomb.

The set includes a cross, plus a crucified Jesus, two Roman soldiers, two angels, St. Mary Magdalen, Mary the mother of John, St. Peter, and, of course, a risen Jesus, the tomb, stone, and linens.
Just a tip, you might want to save yourself some grief and hot glue the pieces to their TP tubes--from previous projects I've learned that regular school glue doesn't grip strongly fast enough.

I love that the kids can play with this set and act out the story.  The author even includes a link to a printable resurrection story for kids--you can read it out loud while the kids play with the pieces (look for the link right under the pic of the Roman soldiers).

And speaking of empty tombs, here's what I'm doing next year (that is, if I can remember--don't worry: I pinned it):
Thanks to Chip for introducing me to the resurrection garden, and to KD for showing it to Chip :)

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