Monday, August 3, 2009

The Cure

When we lived in West Virginia, there was a girl who went to our church, who at the age of 6, was still sucking her thumb. On the last day of kindergarten, she fell, breaking her arm, which had to be immobilized in a cast for several weeks. The cast made it impossible for Hannah to suck her thumb, and when the cast came off the habit had been broken. She then went around telling anyone who would listen that if they wanted to stop sucking their thumb, they should break their arm.
Today, Logo fell on Code-man's thumb, breaking it. Yes, two days before he is to head off with his dad and brother for four days of canoe camping in the Boundary Waters. His thumb has been immobilized in a splint that will need to be worn for at least 3 weeks. On the way out of the doctor's parking lot, Code-man said, "well, at least I won't be able to suck my thumb." A silver lining: perhaps Code-man will be able to break his thumb-sucking habit in these three weeks. Thank goodness we got Code-man's portraits taken care of this morning! I noticed that, in the background of this picture, Logo is wearing a bmx style bike helmet--I wonder if he's worried about retaliation!

Bubby's been sitting on the potty a lot these days. Sometimes there's even a little surprise in the bowl when he stands up. He's so proud of himself for sitting on the potty!

I feel like there's so much I need to catch you all up on! I'll start with the bugs. Both Charlie and King went into their pupal states while we were out of town (I think it was while we were in Colorado), and emerged as butterflies while my parents were visiting--last week, was it? Charlie did turn out to be a boy; King was a girl. Both of them wanted to hang out with us longer, but eventually flew away after we released them.

The corn is huge, taller than Hubby now, even. We've got 9 ears of corn, which is not bad, and they seem to be getting bigger. I think the fact that their silks turned dark brown means that they were pollinated, but I'm not sure. The green beans are just about done producing, and the zucchinis are being harvested just about daily. We have one sunflower blooming, with more on the way, and some of the zinnias are blooming as well. The tomatoes are coming--still green, but getting there, and we've got at least 4 pumpkins growing. For those of you who were concerned about the one big pumpkin hanging on the fence, it's slipped to the ground now (or actually on the retaining wall), and the vine did not break, so it's supported and will continue to grow (whew!). Still no peppers or watermelons, but at least the watermelons have flowers on them.

I think that's all for the bugs and the garden. And I think that's all I have time for...

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