Friday, July 1, 2011

End of School Year, part 1

Whew!  It's summer.  And it's been a busy one so far in the Bluefield household, as you can probably tell from the scarcity of my posts.  But before I can tell you about all of that, I've got some end of the school year business to wrap up.  Enjoy these pics from MC's last few weeks of 2nd grade. 
 The 2nd graders went on a field trip to Target Field to see Seattle beat the Twins.  It was very educational :)

And I'm sure y'all have been waiting for this picture ever since I posted this lament over 2nd grade costuming issues.  Here is MC's wolf mask.
 It makes a howling sound when you push its nose.  MC valiantly resisted the urge to press it during the show.  Good job, MC!  And good job, 2nd graders.  They were terrific.
Here is most of the cast of "The Cheetah and the Sloth."  You can just tell by looking at them that none of their mothers experienced costume angst...but then again, it doesn't really look like MC's mama did, either, and we all know that's not true.

Alright, that's all for now, because 1. I need to make supper for whichever of the boys happen to be here right now and 2. the rest of the end of school year pictures are still in the camera, which is...well, I'm not sure where, right now.

Oh, but before I go, an update on our pets.  The baby birds grew up and flew away, but not before depositing a large amount of excrement on our brand new deck.  Hubby vowed to take the nest down, so no future baby birdies could deposit similar amounts of waste on our deck, but before he got to it, the mama came back and started a second, now we're waiting for these babies to hatch.  Pictures will be forthcoming (of the babies, not the poop :)

We adopted a third caterpillar, and named her Viola.  We actually got to watch her molting into her pupa stage a couple of days ago.  Hector soon followed, and I caught him on video (which will also be forthcoming, but it could be a while, considering the lack of high-speed internet around here).  Tiny is not so tiny anymore, and Bubby has renamed him Blackandwhite.  When we measured this morning, he was 48 mm, which is more than 9 times bigger than he was when he came to live with us just a few weeks ago--I'm sure he'll be not too far behind the others in forming his chrysalis soon.

And now, that's really all.  More to follow...

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