Tuesday, October 4, 2011

No title

(that title up there, that's just for you, esheppy :)

It was gorgeous here today, sunny and 80 degrees.  Oh, what a treat of an October day!  I was channeling my inner Valerie today, with a very simple, very fun, and very frugal activity.
Behold, the humble crepe paper streamer.  They were snakes, they were cheer pompoms, they were kites, they were monsters, they were all over the floor in little pieces at one point. 

Today, I remembered it's not about scheduling and planning and keeping every minute of every day packed with activity.  It's about living in the moment, and taking time to enjoy simple pleasures.  It's about doing what you can with the resources you have.  It's about love and laughter and joy.

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