Monday, March 4, 2013

Cute Food-Crafts for Easter

My friends, even if today is your first day here, you've been around my blog long enough to realize that I love cute food.  So here you have it: 10 easy-to-make cute food-crafts for Easter.

Eggs and chickens:

Easter Lunch#2
Hard Boiled Egg Chick from Super Healthy Kids

Easter Cake Pops
Easter Chick Cakepops from Bakerella

Chocolate Bird Nests
Chocolate Bird Nests from SheKnows

Bunnies and Carrots:

Bunny Tushies Pancakes from The Chick N' Coop

Chocolate Covered Carrot Strawberries from Sugar Bean Bakers
I made a Bunny Cake like this for MC's 1st birthday, which happened to fall on Easter, but I CAN'T FIND A PICTURE!  How can I not find a picture of my son's 1st birthday cake?  Yet another way in which the middle child is marginalized.  I found this picture here.

The Reason for the season:
Golgotha Sandwich from Catholic Icing
Empty Tomb Snack from Catholic Icing

Because I can't resist:

Easter Cake Pops
More Easter Chick Cakepops (without the sticks) from Bakerella

Marshmallow Peeps S'mores
To make, place your chocolate and a peep on a graham cracker and
microwave on high for 15-20 seconds or until the peep starts expanding. 
Smoosh the peep down with another graham cracker on top.
(Can't seem to find where this idea originally came from, but I got it)
from Katherine Emily

See?  What did I tell you?  Easy and cute, every one of 'em.  Happy Easter treat making!

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