Monday, August 12, 2013

A Few Punny Back to School Treats

Y'all know how much I love puns, so you knew I was gonna have to include some punny back to school treats for your kidlets in my back to school round-up, along with the sweet treats (click here for sweet treats, and here for apple treats).  With a few tweaks, these would work well as back-to-school gifts to give to your teacher or for a teacher to give to students, too.   Click on the links for free printables, or create your own.

Here they are, my friends...

You are one smart cookie, courtesy of The Crafting Chicks.

Smartie Pants Treats
Good Luck Smartie Pants, courtesy of Bunches and Bits

Looking forward to a WHOPPER of a year, courtesy of Simply Sprout.

You are O'FISHally in Kindergarten (or any grade), courtesy of Simply Sprout.
Or "It's going to be a FINtastic year" would work with goldfish crackers or Swedish fish.

You're going to ROCK (any) grade, courtesy of Making Memories with your Kids.

 Easy and Inexpensive Back to School Teacher Gift
Let's ROLL into school courtesy of The Taylor House.

Back To School Cereal Box Treat
 "Cereal-ously" I wish you a great school year, courtesy of Teach with Me.  Use full size or mini boxes of your kids' favorite cereals.

Back To School Gummy Bear Treats
I hope you have a Bear-y special school year, courtesy of Teach with Me.  This would also work with teddy grahams, or even a small stuffed teddy bear, if you'd rather steer clear of sugary treats.

Back to School Treat
School Rules! Courtesy of Uncommon Designs Online.

Aim to be a cut above the rest, courtesy of Delightfully Noted.

And, of course, who can resist these wonderful puns, courtesy!
"You've got the WRITE stuff," would also work with markers, pens, or pencils. 
Or for markers, you could say something like, "Mark my words: this school year is going to be great!"
 If you are a teacher giving a back-to-school gift to your students, I would suggest giving individual markers or pens :)
Happy, happy back-to-school treating :)

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