Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Tuesday's Tip: Painting Clean Lines

Well, as you know, in addition to starting a new decorating trend, Hubby and I are making some changes in our bedroom, including painting the walls.  It is absolutely amazing to me how much better the room looks with a fresh coat of paint.  Seriously.  Such an easy and inexpensive update.  So worthwhile.

And...apparently I have a water spot on my camera's lens.  And exposure issues.
It's really a deeper red than that, like a red delicious apple...
If you're one of my Facebook friends, you know that we were having a bit of a crisis over here when we decided to paint the wall behind the bed a gorgeous shade called Red Delicious.  Apparently, red is the most difficult color to paint.  Why no one told me this before we decided on our colors, I may never know.  And just so you know, don't panic when your first coat comes out all blotchy.  Just keep applying the paint in even strokes from floor to ceiling, and if it's not already too late for you, gray is the best primer for reds.  Five coats later, our wall is just the color I wanted it to be--I love it.  And yes, you read that right: five coats.  Hubby definitely deserves an award.

Anyway, I wanted to share a little tip I picked up for creating clean paint lines, like, for instance, between the walls with your main color on them and your accent color wall.  You can use painters tape, but sometimes a bit of the paint still seeps under and it ends up just looking messy.  Head on over to House of Hepworths for the simple how-to.


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