Sunday, October 12, 2014

Do You Know What This Means?

This week, instead of a week in review post, I thought we should play everybody's favorite game: Do You Know What This Means?

What's that?  It's not your favorite game? Well! You must not have been playing it right.  Are you ready?  All right.  Here we go.

We'll start with an easy one.

There are flannel sheets on our bed.
Do you know what this means?

That's right!  It's getting to be good snuggling weather.  Also?  I just love this headboard and that wall color.

Ok.  See what's going on here? You can totally do this.

Next one: my husband attempted to roll a kayak in our living room.
Do you know what this means?

Yes!  My husband is a little strange.

And?  We're going to have to make room to hang a 6th boat from our garage ceiling.

Alright, up next: There's a bunch of random stuff in our bathtub.
Do you know what this means?

Absolutely!  We're not going to be taking a bath for a while.

Also?  The carpet guy still hasn't shown up.  Sure would have been nice if our new carpet had been in town on or before the scheduled installation date.

See?  Isn't this so much fun?  Last one:

These pictures are on my phone.

The waterfall at river level.

A staircase so tall you can't see the top.
The waterfall from above.
Do you know what this means?

Uh huh.  My calves are really sore.  Also?  I gained and lost a lot of potential energy this week: 17 x 177 +  6 x 66 steps worth over the course of 2 days.

Also, also?  Random passersby on the trail think I'm a glutton for punishment.

What happened in your neck of the woods this week?

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