Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Library Emergency

Did you catch what I said in my menu post yesterday?  The part about making an emergency run to the library?  Yeah.  I'm willing to make a special trip for books, but not for food.  In my world, running out of Boxcar Children books, which absolutely drive me bonkers when I have to read them out loud, is considered an emergency, while not having the ingredients to make a certain planned meal is not.

What does that tell you about my priorities?

This surprises me, because I certainly talk about food more often than I talk about books.

The reason I'm not willing to make a special trip for food is because we do have food in the house.  Plenty of food.  Food that would last us at least a month if we needed it to.  Well, maybe not quite that long...  When we lived in West Virginia, I was a 45 minute drive away from the closest grocery store.  I shopped once every 2 weeks and that was it.  Hubby brought home the occasional gallon of milk, but for the most part, if we didn't have it, we didn't eat it.

We also have plenty of books.  Sure, we've read them all before, but we could definitely wait until the next scheduled library trip to get more books.  We don't even necessarily need to go to the library anymore, since we've discovered e-books.  Yes, I know.  We didn't discover them.  I guess I should say, since we've started using e-books.

Have I told you that Bubby talks about the Alden children as if they're friends of his?  More than once he's said, "that sounds like something Henry would say," or "I think Benny would like this."  He's on book number 23 of approximately 237 gazillion.  I guess it's a good thing that we will not run out of Boxcar Children books before Bubby outgrows the series.  Makes it easier to find books for him, for sure.

Anyway, I just thought that was kind of funny, the whole library emergency, and I was wondering if anyone else caught it and thought it was funny too.  Or maybe you didn't think anything of it, because you feel the same way?

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