Friday, August 17, 2018

A little bit of this

Hey y'all.  Sorry about the lack of menu post, or any post, this week.  The Hubs was out of town for a couple of days, and the 2nd kid started football, so it got busy.  But the real reason I didn't post the  menu was because I didn't feel like it.  Rest assured, we did eat things this week. 

Friends, last year, my kiddos started school on this day.  This year, we still have over 3 weeks of summer left (even though it seems like summer's over, because football practice is all consuming).  Mind boggling.

I made cinnamon rolls yesterday.  And when they were done, I realized how easy it is to make cinnamon rolls (the bread machine mixes and raises the dough for me).  In fact, cinnamon rolls are easier to make than cookies--cookie cutter cookies, for sure, but honestly, I think cinnamon rolls are even easier than drop cookies.  They're so easy, I wonder why I don't make them more often.  And here is the truth.  I don't make them more often because I don't eat them.  I don't make cookies all that often, either, because they're harder to resist than cinnamon rolls, and sugar is the enemy.

In chicken news, on Wednesday, we got 5 brown eggs, and on Thursday we got 6 eggs, which means all six of the chickens are laying.  And also, Koko is an egg laying champ, having lain two days in a row at the beginning of her laying career.  It is entirely possible that Koko has been laying for weeks, but because we've not gotten 5 brown eggs in one day before (except that one time, which we're attributing to the invisible chicken), and we haven't caught her in the act, we just don't know.

Koko's eggs are very pale, which is confounding.  Her eggs are supposed to be dark brown.  And Indigo's (which are also very pale) are supposed to be medium brown.  And Hazel's (which are medium brown) are supposed to be white or cream colored.  Evidently, nobody told them.  Well, except me.  I've told them, but they're not really listening.  It's not that I mind--I love their egg colors--but it does make it more difficult to figure them out in the beginning.

Remember Bubby's lap chicken?  Well, Esther is mine.  Whenever the girls are out, Esther spends some time perched on my boot or my leg, or on my shoulder.  I sometimes hang in my hammock, and Esther jumps up to join me.  Her feet are warm and dry, which is a cozy sensation. 

I'm trying to groom Koko to also be a lap chicken.  She's a lovely bird, and I'd like to spend more time with her.  She's also the flightiest of the birds; because she's the smallest, she's at the bottom of the pecking order, which means she runs when approached, by bird or human.  With the advent of egg-laying, she's been slightly less flighty, which means there may be hope.  The issue is, how do I sneak treats to Koko to make her want to hang out with me, without the other girls swarming us?  I'm working on it.

And yes, I'm playing favorites.  What can I say?  I'm a sucker for the underdogchicken.

That's all for now.  I'm planning to get you a menu post next week, but based on my current level of ambivalence, I would suggest not holding your breath.

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