Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Garden Planning

One might consider it a bit premature, considering it's under 3 feet of snow, but I've been dreaming of my garden these past several weeks.  It's only natural, I suppose, since I've been watching others start seeds on YouTube.  Of course, they live much farther south than I do.  Today, I'm ready to share my plan.

In the north garden bed, I'll be planting sugar snap peas on a trellis, along with radishes.  When the snap peas are done, I'll plant pole beans, both green and yellow (and I'm hoping to find a climbing purple bean locally, but so far no luck), patty pan squash, marigold, zinnia, and possibly nasturtium.  The flowers will be distributed throughout the bed--not all in one place as the plan shows.

In the south bed, I'll be planting tomatoes interspersed with onions.  I'm also going to put some grape tomatoes in this bed, since vine-ripe, sun-warmed grape tomatoes are heaven, and I'm planning to plant garlic in this bed in the fall.  I might put my zucchini here, or I might put it in with the beans and peas, since legumes and squashes like each other.  It just depends on what might catch my eye at the nursery when I'm buying tomatoes.  Again, the distribution will likely be different than the plan shows, and I'm pretty sure some marigolds will end up in this bed.

The middle bed, of course, is full of strawberries, but I hope to someday put asparagus in this bed, too.

As you know from my 9 for 2019 list, I'm planting sunflowers by the chicken coop.  They'll provide shade for the girls in the summer, and food for them in the fall and winter.  I also decided to plant some edible vines to run up the coop, so there will be some sugar snap peas and pole beans, along with climbing nasturtiums (if I can find them locally--otherwise I'll grow some not-climbing nasturtiums over there).

We will probably plant another grape tomato in a pot by our garage again, and I might try cilantro in front of the house where the basil was last year.  I'm trying to decide whether I want to plant potatoes in a big pot in our existing garden enclosure.

That's what I've got for now.  What will you grow this year?


P.S.  I ordered purple pole beans from Baker Creek!  Only $3 and free shipping--yay!  I also picked up a patty pan squash that looks fun, and they're sending me a surprise :)  Check them out.

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