Friday, May 31, 2019

9 for 2019 May Update

Hi friends.  It's the last day of May, which means it's time for a 9 for 2019 goal update.

In May, I:

  • Covered a box that I store things in to make it pretty--I've been meaning to do this for years.  Even though it's a box that I use in our master bathroom, so hardly anyone ever sees it, it will make me happy to have a prettier receptacle.
(I'm not sure why it looks so lopsided in this picture--it's not that lopsided in real life)
And then I found the material that I originally wanted to use to cover the box, and I thought I had leftover from another project, but couldn't find.  Isn't it pretty?
And then I made a wooden box (yes, I used safety glasses), and the box I made doesn't work in the spot I meant it for, and it looks better in the spot where I keep this box, so my covered box might become irrelevant soon.
Does that ever happen to you?  You set goals and then they become irrelevant?  It's inevitable, I suppose.

I also, from my longer 19 for 2019 list
  • Found a pretty bottle for my mouthwash and
  • Scheduled an appointment for Bubby with the orthodontist.

I had already completed:

I still need to: 
  • Plant sunflowers by the chicken coop--These will be multipurpose sunflowers.  They'll be pretty, provide shade, and provide food for the chickens.  The challenge will be keeping the girls from eating them before they get strong enough to withstand the chickens' pecking.
  • Facts of life book--I had been working on this, but my enthusiasm fizzled, and I don't think there's any chance of my enthusiasm unfizzling anytime soon, what with the onset of summer break looming.  September, maybe.

How are you doing on your 2019 goals?

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