Monday, March 22, 2021

Menu plan for the week of March 22

 Well, two of you who read the last menu plan post told me you'd like me to continue, so that's what I'll do, for now.  But I've given myself permission to not feel guilty when I post sporadically.

I told my Instagram friends, but not you all, that I've obtained a permanently-on-loan immersion blender.  Maybe 6 times a year I will make something that would be a lot easier to make if I had an immersion blender, and being an entrenched underbuyer, instead of buying an immersion blender, I wondered if the cost of an immersion blender (not so much the monetary cost, but the cost of storage space, maintenance, and brain space) was worth the ease of six recipes a year.

I've used my permanently-on-loan immersion blender twice so far, and yeah, it was easier, but I'm not convinced that it was easier enough to justify the space it's taking up in my house and my brain.  This week, I'm making mayonnaise, and I'm hopeful.  The reason I stopped making mayo was because it was so messy to make in a regular blender.  I would end up with a hand full of mayo (from where I was covering most of the hole in the top of the blender), and a bunch of wasted mayo on the sides of the blender.  Also, sometimes mayo splattered in my eyes.

I'll let you know how it goes.  

I will also tell you what we're planning to eat this week.  Right now.



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