Monday, March 8, 2021

Menu plan for the week of March 8

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Do y'all remember the urban myth about the $250 cookie recipe?  There are many variations, but I first heard it from my grandma in probably the mid to late '80s (that's nineteen80s for you youngin's out there).  Her story was that someone, a friend of a friend (it's always a friend of a friend) loved Mrs. Fields cookies, so they called the company and asked for the recipe.  Mrs. Fields said, sure, we'll give you the recipe.  That'll be two fifty.  Thinking that meant $2.50, the friend of a friend gave payment details (mid to late eighties, so not sure what kind of payment details?  Were credit cards in wide enough use at that point?) and got the recipe.  To the friend of a friend's horror, the charge turned out the be $250, and as "revenge," the friend of a friend decided to share the recipe far and wide for free.

At the time, I thought it was true.  I didn't have much experience with scams or urban legends and didn't know to be skeptical.  But then I started hearing the same story with different companies and different dollar amounts (I feel like I even heard $250,000 once), and realized the story was just that--a story.  That's ok, though, because those cookies are so very delicious.

This week, I'll be making $125 cookies, which is, of course, half of the $250 recipe.  I'll also be making other things, including:



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