Thursday, May 20, 2021

Mediocrely inefficient and unproductive

 I am being spectacularly inefficient and unproductive today.  And before you tell me, oh, everyone needs a rest day every now and then, let me make it clear that I do not need a rest day today.  Not physically, anyway.  Possibly mentally and/or emotionally, based on my inability thus far to do anything other than check email, scroll Instagram, and watch YouTube.  

I take that back.  I did shower today, so there's that.  Oooh.  And I made the bed.  And started and switched a load of laundry (which will now spend approximately 3.8 days in the dryer until I need the dryer again to actually dry clothes, at which time it will be dumped into a laundry basket to wait another 2 to 5 days to be put away.  Wouldn't want to overexert myself).

So ok.  Maybe I'm just being mediocrely inefficient and unproductive today.  Can't even do that right.

It's raining today, which is what I'm blaming my inertia on.  Also the laws of physics.  It is all the fault of the laws of physics.  There was a break in the rain from the time I woke up (probably before then, too, but I wasn't awake, so it doesn't really matter in this context) until around 8 a.m.  I should have gone for a walk this morning after Bubby boarded the bus--I would have been able to get 3+ miles in before the rain started, and I would have set up my day to be a little more ... worthy*?  

Anyway.  If I had actually done something that early in the day, I probably would have continued to do somethings throughout the day.

But no.  I did no such thing, and now I am still doing no such thing, hours later.  And blogging about it.

Well.  I did tell you that blogging is my favorite housework avoidance technique.  And now, I'm off, to continue being mediocrely inefficient and unproductive.

* * * * *

* Where did that come from?  Why does my brain think I'm any less worthy of taking up space in the world on days when I sit around doing nothing than on days when I do countless tasks that I will have to do again within hours, days, or weeks?  Oh, right.  Because in the US, only people who are productive are valued and those who are not, are not.  

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