Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Menu plan for the week of June 21

 Happy summer, friends!  

I used to think it took a lot of mental effort to keep track of everybody back when we had three kiddos that had to be in 5 places at once, but that was nothing compared to what we've got going on now.  Now, my friends, we have four adults and one teen.  And, more importantly for keeping track of where everyone is and when they're going to be back and if they're going to expect food* when they get here, four drivers and four vehicles.  And some of the four drivers have friends who sometimes show up, too.

I used to have a handle on everyone's comings and goings.  Or at least I used to think I had a handle on everyone's comings and goings.  Now, it's pretty much just chaos.  And I have some choices.  I can get upset and stressed about not knowing everything about my people at all times, or I can embrace the chaos and consider my job complete if no one starves.

I kinda go back and fourth on those.

So, I have developed a menu this week, just like I have developed a menu every week for, practically, ever, but the menu has become yet another thing that I have to hold loosely, because I can only control myself.

All that to say, this menu is feeling loosey goosey and I am trying to be ok with that, but I am combatting a lifetime of (at least feeling like I am) being in control.

Here's what I've got:

  • Itty bitty pigs in blankets (the fake kind, not the yummy kind), carrots (except I neglected to obtain carrots**, so...not carrots.  Some other vegetable)
  • Hot roast beef sandwiches (not our exact recipe, but close-ish) with buns and provolone, carrots (yeah.  About those carrots**... Some other vegetable)
  • Beef stroganoff, green beans (finally, a non-carrot veggie), applesauce
  • Kielbasa and potatoes/kielbasa and cauliflower, carrots (there I go with the carrots again.  I'm hoping I will have obtained carrots** by the time this meal comes up)
  • Pizza, salad
  • Brats or hot dogs, buns, chips, sweet peppers. Or maybe carrots**.
  • Fend for yourself or out to eat


*Y'all.  They always want food when they get here.  It's just that sometimes they want actual food and other times they want snacks.  Which are, technically, also actual food, but require little to no prep work from me.

**I bought a 3 lb bag of carrots for a family trip.  And then no one ate any of the 3 pounds of carrots while we were on the family trip.  So we have had carrots every day for forever.  But then the carrots decided to start getting slimy.  After I had written carrots as the veggie for pretty much every supper this week.  And after I had written my shopping list, without carrots.  Because we had plenty.  We fed the carrots to the compost, and I was going to buy new ones, but they weren't on the list so...

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