Tuesday, November 18, 2008

OK, folks, it's time to get serious about this windscreen: the ducky blanket just isn't cutting it. One of you is working on this, right? Want me to send dimensions, or were you planning on making it one size fits all? That might be more marketable. Oh, and forget the insulation, just go ahead and heat the stroller. By the way, my husband complained that my specifications yesterday were contained in a run-on sentence. Nope. There was, however, a sentence fragment that would have made Miss Hargrave grit her teeth and roll her eyes (just in case you're not my brother, that would be my 8th grade English teacher), if she had had the displeasure to read it. I apologize. I just didn't feel like including a subject or verb in that non-sentence. So there. At least I didn't dangle any participles.

Seventy-six degrees for a high today where my brother lives. That is so funny, because a common complaint I hear about where my brother lives from people who don't know what they're talking about is that it's way too cold and way too snowy there. Humph. I think they just know how to do it right there. It snows, but usually melts by lunch time, and if they do want to play in some snow, they can find some, pretty much year-round. It does get awfully hot during the summer, but again, all they need to do is gain some altitude and it's not so bad.

My sister in law (the one who lives where it was supposed to be a high of 33 and a severe weather alert yesterday) reported that her visibility was down to less than 20 ft at times as she was driving home yesterday. Glad she made it home OK. Also glad the weather forecast was right. (I hope I haven't offended anyone with the preceding sentence fragments.)

Here, it's cold. Just what you would expect for mid-November (OK, a little colder than you would expect...well, maybe you would expect it, but a bit colder than those of us who live here would expect). I forgot to put my long undies on this morning, so as I was walking, my top half was sweating again, and my bottom half was numb. Aren't you glad you know that?

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  1. Subject/Verb sentence structures are so over done. They are boring really.

    You know it is bad when your husband complains about your poor writing style. Even if he used the wrong term, he apparently realized that it was not quite proper. Personally, I am a fan of the run-on-sentence and wish you would have used one.

    STOP telling people about MY weather. We have too many people here in Denver already.


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