Friday, November 14, 2008

What we saw

Here are some of the things we saw while walking this week.
Willy and his owner--of course I don't remember her name.
The standard poodle Willy's owner is always telling us he was playing with, out (for the first time ever), and barking at us. He does exist.
The collie and shepherd looking dogs, across the road from the poodle, not barking at us. I guess they've gotten used to us.
A car pulling out of the driveway of the house where they generate their own electricity. Yes, it was a Prius.
Our running friend going into her house (although "friend" is probably too strong a word--we only know her to say hello or good morning as she's running past us, and she always seems to be in pain when she sees to us...)
An alpaca! Who knew there was an alpaca living within 2 miles of us!?!
A deer in one of the fields north of us. It watched us walk down the hill.
A man carrying a compound bow in a different field north of our house, looking down. I didn't know anyone hunted anything small enough that he would be looking down for it, with bows. We did not point out the deer to him.
A pair of red-tailed hawks roosting in the same tree where we saw 100s of yellow finches in the late summer/ early fall. I wonder if hawks eat finches.
The house with the 4 car garage that always seems to have 3 cars parked outside with one of its garage doors open. And nope, there wasn't room in there for a car.
Managed to once again resist gathering spruce cones from underneath the many spruce trees on our route...if only one of them was a little closer to the road...
Geese, finally flying south, in a perfect enough V that Logan noticed it was a V.

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