Monday, April 20, 2009

Drive in

Whew! It's been a rough couple of days in my blogging world. I've been working on that garden post since Friday, but couldn't manage to publish it until Sunday, either because blogger was being slow or I was being limited by my slow internet connection. I decided it was time for a change in my layout and template, but that, also, was hampered by the same slowness. It seems to have passed for now...I'm not sure I like the polka dots any more. At this point, though, they're staying. I worked too hard for those dots to give them up so easily (I think if they were pink we'd be in business).

So my husband and kids did something Saturday night that they have never done before. We went to a drive-in movie. Cody had heard from a friend of his that they "chucked footballs at the screen," so he wanted to do that as well. He had to content himself with chucking the football at his dad and brother in front of the screen. The two older kids sat on the roof of the truck, their feet dangling through the moon roof, and Caleb crawled around on his parents, pushing buttons, changing the station on the radio, and generally getting in the way of our "date" (at least he's not strong enough to honk the horn--yet). We were thrilled to discover, after having the radio on, but the engine off, for the duration of the movie, that our vehicle started when we wanted to leave. I just can't imagine sitting through three movies and having your car still do people do that?

Anyway, I can't imagine how this important experience could have been unfortunately left out of my husband's upbringing (so deprived!), and I was thrilled to be able to fill the gap for him by introducing him to the exciting and mysterious world of the drive-in movie. Now, I think I'll have to find out if he's ever been served by a car-hop on roller skates...

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  1. The drive-in theater by us is being replaced with Condos. I am not sure there are any left anywhere in the state. Probably a good thing you got Scott out to one before they completely disappear.

    I have to be honest, I do not care for your new blog layout.


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