Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I think Bubby was born to be a construction worker--he has natural talent. This morning, when we were playing outside, Bubby was moving snow using his loader, just like they move dirt at construction sites. He would move 3 loads from here over to there, and then move a load from here to somewhere else, then go back to there and spread the snow around, and then take a load from there to here, then take a load from here and move it 2 inches to the right...the only thing we were missing was 2 other guys to stand around drinking coffee with me (we were missing the coffee, too). That, and Bubby wasn't taking breaks every couple of minutes.

;-) * * (-; * * ;-) * * (-; * * ;-) * * (-; * * ;-)

Speaking of construction zones, I feel like I need to be wearing a hard hat lately when I walk the older boys to their bus stop. Our driveway, on the uphill side, is shaded all the time, so it doesn't melt the way the rest of the driveway does. Even worse, the run-off from the house heads down the hill, gets to this shaded portion, and freezes. So right now, we've got a slanted patch of ice, the width of the driveway, and about 15 feet long. Getting down without falling is challenging, but fun; going back up toward the house is pretty close to impossible. The other night when Logo and I were bringing the garbage and recycling bins back up to the house, I thought I was going to have to send Logo in to get Sawblock to come and get me in the truck. I just could not manage to navigate up that icy patch with a 96 gallon cart in tow. Eventually, I made it, with help from Logo standing above me on a dry patch. I'm sure it would have been quite comical to watch, as from a kneeling position, I attempted to shove the cart toward Logo, demonstrating Newton's third law of motion* quite graphically. This morning I told the boys they were going to have to go to the bus stop on their own until the driveway melts--I was only half kidding!

*For those of you not "in the know", Newton's third law states: for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

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