Thursday, May 20, 2010

Jump! and Cub Scouts

Speaking of jumping and breaking things, yesterday, Bubby decided that it would be great fun to jump off of our coffee table (kind of a misnomer, as I'm fairly confident this table has never had coffee set upon it) to the floor and then do a forward roll. Over and over and over again...I took some videos, and hope to someday post them (just like the other 15 I've been carrying around on my jump drive for about a year waiting for the day that I find myself near a computer with high speed internet access when I actually have time to upload them (could be a few years, so don't hold your breath)), but in the meantime, some still pictures of our incredible tumbling kid.In the air...Tuck your chin!THUD! Let's do it again!
* * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Last weekend was the year end camp-out for our Cub Scout pack. Here's Logo, with 3/5 of his den, graduating from Tiger to Wolf, plus the Cubmaster and some other people. Here's Code-man with 6/7 of his den, just staying Webelos.

And here they are with their puppets...pretty creative, huh?

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