Tuesday, June 29, 2010


OK, so I've added ads to my blog...because I want to make money telling other people how to save money (can you say, "obsessed"? It's a lot of work, though, so I'm not sure it's worth it--stay tuned). But the thing is, I'm not supposed to click on my own ads. It makes sense. If I could click on my own ads, and get money for it, I would just sit here and do that all day. Or better yet, I'd set my kids up to do it for me. The ads are selected by Google to be placed on my blog, based on my blog content--the idea is that if people are reading a blog about coupons, they might be interested in...coupons. And guess what? The author of this blog about coupons is interested in...coupons, and I want to click on my ads...I would ask one of you to do it for me, but I'm not allowed to do that either ;-)

Really Google, I promise I won't click on them for the money--I just want the coupons, and quite frankly, I could be the only one willing to click on the ads on my blog--I'm not sure anyone else is reading. Don't you think your advertisers would rather reach one consumer (me) than no consumers? *sigh*

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  1. Well, personally, I am anti-coupon, so maybe it would be ok if you used my clicks for your own use.

    I know several people who don't read your blog. You can use theirs as well.

    Just tell Google that I said it is ok.


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