Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Camping pics

What is that crazy kid doing? You like his new hat? (For those of you who can't tell, that's his underwear on his head--I was trying to sort the laundry. You see what obstacles I have to deal with here? Is it any wonder that I'm so on board with the self-folding laundry thing?)
Oh...maybe that's where the craziness comes from! Sawblock just couldn't wait to get out in the kayak.

Went biking on the Old Abe something trail Saturday morning, and crossed this bridge. We were somewhat surprised, when we were done, to discover that we had biked about 13.5 miles, with no complaints whatsoever.

Here's one of the canoe crew fishing on Lake Wissota Sunday morning. Code-man was off in the kayak somewhere...
It was drizzly and rainy for most of the weekend, but we still had a nice time. In fact, for most of us, the rain was only a factor in that it made starting the fire a little more difficult. Others of us (the ones possessing two X chromosomes), are not so happy to be wet and in a tent. One or the other is enough for those XXs among us.

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