Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Our camping trip this weekend was a comedy of omissions. We forgot so many things that we "needed"--so many that I can't remember them all (obviously, since I didn't remember them in the first place). You've heard the expression "necessity is the mother of invention"? One of the things we forgot was silverware, so Code-man invented the sporkanif, pictured below.
It's a spoon, it's a fork, it's a's a sporkanif!

On Saturday, we canoed and kayaked down the Brule River.  This was taken during a rest stop, right after Code-man successfully ran a rapid that 3/4 of the canoe crew ended up having to run backwards due to an unfortunate encounter with a rock (the other 1/4 was stranded and had to find her own way down the river).
Saturday evening all of the boys decided to hike along the Amnicon River to take in all of the beautiful waterfalls.

On Sunday, Code-man and Sawblock kayaked a livelier section of the Brule, while Logo, Bubby, and I headed to Lake Superior to play in the waves and dig in the sand.  It was an absolutely gorgeous day, and everyone had a terrific time.  Unfortunately, no one brought the camera with them.

Back to civilization, the boys decided it would be fun to make super-sized water balloons.

I'm pretty sure none of them found animate targets.

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