Sunday, December 12, 2010

Snow Bed

This reminds me of the time that it snowed 39 inches at our house in about 30 hours, back in 2003, on President's Day.  Code-man measured 22 inches in a non-plowed, undrifted area of our driveway this morning.  That's a lot of snow....I was kind of hoping for a snow day tomorrow, but there's not much chance of that.  We're hardy around here, doncha know.  It'll take more than a little snow to slow us down.  That big snow in WV had everything shut down for a week!
Remember this? This was us, snowshoeing on our road out to the main highway to see if it had been cleared yet (I believe the answer was, "no.")

Here's little Code-man, back when he was an only child (but not for too much longer), jumping off our back porch into the snow.  I think it was taller than him!

* * * * * * * * * * *
Code-man's illustrated tutorial: how to make a snow bed, in 4 easy steps.
Step 1: Find a spot

Step 2: Prepare to fall

Step 3: Fall

Step 4: Make yourself at home

Step 4a (optional): for additional comfort, ask your mom to bury you

Ahhh...Comfy, cozy

Cutie Patoot

And here's what my Hubby was doing, pretty much non-stop, from the time he woke up on Saturday until he went to bed, and he was back at it again today.

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